This Blog Fest is a collaborative web initiative in anticipation of the Frankfurt Bookfair in October, where New Zealand is the Guest of Honour.

In these pages we’re highlighting Kiwi and German writers in 2012 and creating a space for interested readers and bloggers to connect and share related posts. If you are a Kiwi or German living anywhere in the world, or if you are from somewhere else but have settled in New Zealand or Germany, we want to hear from you.

This blog fest is a celebration across geographic and temporal boundaries and an ongoing conversation. From Kiel to Kaitaia: please join us! 

Here you’ll find:


In an ongoing countdown to the Bookfair, we feature an eclectic mix of writing and experience in different formats: from poetry to video to short story.
Browse the highlights


Monthly Blog Carnivals
Collaborative cyber journals that feature entries from artists and writers from places as diverse as Berlin and Hokianga:


Blog Carnival #3: BI


Blog Carnival #1: CROSSINGS



A feature author and interview series with published writers and writers just getting started. For example:
Once upon a time in Aotearoa – Translating Maori Myths

Interview with award-winning graphic novelist Chris Slane


For more information, visit:
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4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. What a great project. Brings back a lot of memories including writing in New Zealand, which was fantastic but oh-so different from Europe. Looking forward to the many events of this year leading up to the largest book and media fair in the world.

  2. My two favourite places on earth. My home (Germany) and the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had . . . in a motorhome (New Zealand).

  3. A wonderful initiative! Count me in … it’s going to be an inspiring journey between here and Frankfurt – and beyond. See you on the blogs, see you in Frankfurt.

  4. Caron Harrison said:

    Synchronicity strikes again! My novels are set in New Zealand, Germany and the UK. What an appropriate forum.

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