The Editors

Founding Editors

Dorothee Lang is a writer, web freelancer and traveller, and the founding editor of BluePrintReview, an experimental online literary and visual arts journal. Author of the travel novel ‘Masala Moments’, her writing and photography has also appeared in The Sunday Herald (India), The New Yorker (USA), Zeit Online (Germany), Dublin Quarterly (Ireland), Transitions Abroad (USA), Cosmopoetica (Spain) and many other journals and magazines. Since 2009, she serves as preliminary judge for the ‘Story South Award’ -the largest short story competition in cyberspace. She holds a degree in economics and advertising, and worked for several years as a project manager in a media company.

Dorothee always was fascinated by languages, roads and the world, themes that reflect in her own work. In 2010, she initiated the Language/Place Blog Carnival, a collaborate web project. Her new book “WOR(L)DS APART”, a true story about a friendship across cultures, is upcoming at Folded Word later this year. For more about Dorothee, visit her blog life as a journey or her website blueprint21.


Michelle Elvy lives and writes and edits in New Zealand aboard her 43’ sailboat, Momo. Her route to New Zealand was circuitous, via professional lives that included teacher, historian, translator, editor, and chief wrangler at a software consulting company, and via geographical locations as diverse as the Chesapeake and Fiji. Her love affair with Germany began when she lived there in the 1980s and 1990s and continues today, even as she celebrates Christmas in jandals under pohutakawa trees.

Michelle is the founding editor of the New Zealand initiative Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction as well as 52|250: A Year of Flash, a project that grew during 2010-2011 to include nearly 200 writers and artists. Michelle also edits at Blue Five Notebook and A Baker’s Dozen. A Pushcart Prize nominee and a a top contender for the 2011 Glass Woman Ghost Story Prize, Michelle has published articles in travel and sailing magazines, and her poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction can be found in print and online journals such as Poets & ArtistsOCHOROOMWords with JAM, Ramshackle Review, THIS Literary MagazineUsed Furniture Review, Istanbul Literary Review, A MinorMetazen and BluePrint Review. Most recently, Michelle has been awarded the 2012 Research Grant by the New Zealand Society of Authors/ Auckland Museum Library for her project “Flashback: A New Zealand History in Micro Moments”.

Michelle is a manuscript assessor and is presently organising the upcoming Northland Writers’ Festival, Northwrite 2012 with the NZSA Northland branch. Michelle sails these days in the Bay of Islands and blogs at Glow Worm.

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Guest Editors

Rachel J Fenton is a writer and artist living in Auckland. She has work published in Horizon Review, Blackmail Press, Otoliths and many more. Her poetry was shortlisted for the Binnacle Ultra Short Prize and longlisted for the Kathleen Grattan Award. Her fiction was shortlisted for the Fish One Page Prize and longlisted for the Sean O’ Faolain International Short Story Prize. Links to other publications and author interviews can be found at  snowlikethought. Her graphic epic poem about migration and stuttering can be found at: escapebehaviours.


Each month, a guest editor from Germany or New Zealand will host the Blog Carnival here at our Aotearoa Affair.

We are presently seeking Guest Editors for our upcoming issues, beginning in March 2012. If you are interested in editing an edition of the Blog Carnival, please email us at nzgermany2012 [AT] gmail [DOT] com.


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