in the speaking silence

in the speaking silence of a dream
the sky with its raining voice
falls singing into the winds of the sea

into the wind you were born with, huranuku-atea

into the wind that carries your name, tahu-makakanui

into paraweranui, the wind of your ideas

falls singing
into tahu-mawakenui, the wind of your actions

through kakariki silver points of prisms
weaving your meaning into me

through floating blue tapestries
unfolding the qualities of your presence

in a luminous afternoon of candelabra
and your blinding nectars

in the blushing silk of dawn
and an exodus of cloud

the languages of air
and love beyond reason


from this reincarnation

in the wind of light you were born
to ride cascades of starclouds

annointing the flesh of the perfumed sea
with a penumbra of startled smiles

in your eyes
maritime swells in silvery brocades
span from the blond algebra of dawn
to tapestries of shimmer

from the turquoize of cobalt blue wind
and distances to islands

from this reincarnation
to the colours of the next

from your geometry
and the nocturnal arithmetic

from the kiss your eyelids make with morning
riding the ocean of invisible stars

from flowers of blue waves
songs of foam, veils of silk

from cloth woven from threads of rain
the sky is a circus


Piet Nieuwland  is of Dutch, English and Australian extraction. He lives in Whangarei, New Zealand, and is a member of the Take Flight poetry group. In 2010 he was one of the judges for the Northland National Poetry Day competition. He makes occasional appearances at Auckland’s Poetry Live events as well.