A place where German authors read 10 pages from their new books: that is “Zehnseiten.de“, which translates to “Tenpages.de”.

The startpage offers a list with the new additions on the left side, just click a name, and the author will appear on the screen. Then click the arrow, and lean back and listen.

Some extra links to author blogs that offer photos and blurbs in English:

Author Christopher Kloeble presents his first book, Meistens alles sehr schnell (Most Times Everything Very Fast). He also has a webpage with a lot of photos from places he visited in the last years: From India to Izmir, New York & Montauk, Holland and Israel, and if you scroll further, you even will find photos from Germany: Christopher Kloeble homepage.

Annika Reich‘s reads from her second book, 34 Meter über dem Meer (34 Metres Above the Ocean). She has a blog with notes, links and a street moment she came across, a window photo of a book-person: “I’m in love…

Frank Goosen reads from Sommerfest (Summerparty). His website offers texts, videos and photo pages.