Stadt-Fisch: a video-poem by Patrizia Monzani. Three characters cross each other – without really affecting one another, thoughts and voices overlap, strophes are repeated… Actually they are not alone and lonely, they just don’t see what they are surrounded by. Based on a poem by Jan Kummer.

Patrizia Monzani (Milan, 1976) has a cinematographic background and works as videomaker and editor. Her fields of interest are documentaries, animation and videoart. An author of several videopoems in collaboration with contemporary poets, she is involved in the videoart world, also as a curator. Her works had been screened at several videoart and movie festivals around the world. Since 2010 she is working with the artist collective Lithos19. In 2011 she finished the independent documentary about AIDS The science of panic. For more about her, visit her blog work/ing in progress and her website.